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welcome to one of the last record stores in the Columbus .... OHIO area! Over 200,000 records and 74 CD's make for a store as crazy as the owner! Located at 2338 West Broad Street, in Columbus, Ohio, 43222 (614-272-2472) I am open on Saturday afternoons from 11:00 A.M. (EST) until around 5:30 or by appointment during the week for serious buyers.   I am at your service to help you find additions to your collection or just to acquire that old song you have been humming for 20 years. There are so many records in this store that I really can't put a list here for you, but the odds are pretty good that I have it. Disks are filed alphabetically by artist (within classes), so you can locate an item easily. Here are 2 pictures of the record store, just for fun: My capable staff and Big Nipper.  Before the boring commercials, if you'd like to look at $3000 worth of really nice records (maybe for sale), just look at these oldies here. Most common 45's I sell  for around $3, clean albums are maybe $5 or under. Records from the 70's are not yet rare, and I am WELL-STOCKED with them. Yes, an oldie picture sleeve will be more, because they are uncommon!  In addition to the hits and the rockers, I have classical disks, psych, jazz, tons of country, and even a few heavy metal LPs from the 90's! Of course, I will happily buy those old 45s you don't want...the ones from 1954 on colored vinyl by the Moonglows and Flamingos! I am fresh out of Beatles' butcher block LPs, and most items worth serious money, but I'm always looking to buy them!

A word or two about the Beatles' LP mentioned above:  you may be young or sweet and innocent and not know of this, one of the world's rarest records.  "Yesterday And Today" was an album by the Beatles released in the United States (1965?) by Capitol Records (not EMI). It consisted largely of songs which Capitol Records had deleted from the American releases of then recent Beatles albums. John, Paul, George and Ringo posed for the cover in front of a meat packers' showcase -- perhaps as an editorial statement against their records being "butchered" -- surrounded with broken dolls and blood from the steaks on their shoulders. An uproar in the press caused Capitol and the Beatles to reconsider and produce a new album cover without the dolls and blood.

The first original copies of the album with this cover are very rare! The "second pressing" had the new cover pasted over the original cover ("paste-over versions"). These can be removed to show (perhaps) an original cover, but after they were all repasted, the third press only had the one new cover slick.

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Hey, Hey Hey!               We break all records by Mantovani!              Not really, but do YOU want to lug any of them home?

I'd love it if you would answer a few questions on my quick questionnaire. Please?

Please!!! I'll try to fill your want lists.

Currently, we do offer records for sale by e-mail. I do now have a credit card machine and I really like Square. I accept ca$h and take cards through PayPal (on line). If I like you, (and I will like you) I'll accept your check in person.... If I have what you want , I will gladly send it to you, upon receipt of ca$h. I like ca$h. Did you know that there is something like 5 times the amount of ca$h (US) floating around overseas than what is in circulation in this country? I accept overseas ca$h, also. 

e-mail me (You can e-mail me here!)

And, just maybe I'll have something on the granddaddy of all auctions: My items on eBay   That'll take you to my current auctions!  Failing that, visit www.recordsbymail.com who probably has EVERY record ever made, for a price!

Use this search to look up artists or titles within my pages of number one hit songs from 1955-1989. It WILL go through all my pages, and will find any little old word or song title you seek on ALL my various pages, including the jokes. It is fast and accurate and then will take you to the page you want. I'd suggest using quotes for song titles, if you know the exact title. This little gem was written by people a LOT smarter than myself....

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We now have the ability to create made-to-order compact audio disks from our vast inventory, and will be happy to produce your music in this format. This service costs $25 MAX( figure about a buck a song) for each full-length CD (up to 80 minutes), prepaid. We can't sell what we don't have, but if we have it, and you want it on CD, it can be arranged...

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NOTICE: in an attempt to lure a lot of readers to this site, it contains words that are of an adult nature. This is not an adult site, per se, but to lure in the fish, I have used bait. Just read on!!   OK, OK, here comes the smut, Martha. Way back in the dark ages of folk music, the Limeliters sang a song about Vikki Dougan, a young lady who wore a backless dress to a ball one evening. The dress was cut so low that it revealed a new cleavage, which excited the writer of this song and moved Glenn Yarbrough to rap eloquently on this "split" issue. Glenn was a master of words, managing to get all his carnal lust for Miss Vikki communicated to his listeners without using a single 4-letter word! Unfortunately, most people just aren't that smart. Guys surf and read web pages, by and large, because they are horny. They want to look at pictures of, well, one of the most plentiful things in the world, but normally a sight unseen! They want masturbation sex women girls gay nude porno pornography big dicks pussys clits nudes tits (Golly, don't forget tits) breasts jugs mammaries hooters and watermelons! THAT should be enough key words to generate a modiculum of interest for this site. There's only a select few of us out there who get their rocks off by listening to old records, after all!

I am putting a counter on this page to see if this line of reasoning really works. I know it does work...check out James Lick's home page. You are visitor number

since June 6, 1998!

Now, if you have gotten this far, I can tell you have some time on your hands! I have been placed on the spam list for jokes, and have gotten so many great jokes lately that I thought I would put them up for all to see. My joke page (see top of page) has a ton of jokes, both adult and regular, and it's a great laugh! Also, some funny quasi-adult pictures - kids, you are being warned!

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