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I am offering a very special  CD!  Lovers of the Rhythm and Blues sound of the middle and early 1950's - listen up! Undoubtedly the best music of the time, it was ignored by the mainstream radio stations of the era and only got air play in the BIG cities - New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. As a teenager growing up in a small town, I was sadly unaware of such music, but all too aware of Eddie Fisher, Perry Como and Doris Day!  Such is life....

Now... it's time to do something about this! This limited-edition CD contains some of the best (and rarest) original Rhythm & Blues tunes in the world!!
...records you will never find for sale
......tunes that set your feet tapping and tunes that make you cry
.........tunes for drinkin' and tunes for cheatin'
............and a few that'll just make you laugh!

Here's what's inside!!!

Annie Had A Baby The Midnighters Federal 12195 1954
After Hour Joint Jimmy Coe and his Gay Cats of Rhythm States 118 1952
No Money Down Chuck Berry Chess 16151956
The Wrong Yoyo Piano Red RCA 50-0106 1950
I Want A Bowlegged Woman Bull Moose Jackson and his Buffalo Bearcats King 4189 1951
Bloodshot Eyes Wynonie Harris King 44611951
Rubber Biscuit The Chips Josie 8031956
Chop Chop Boom The Danderliers States 1471955
Tell Me You Love Me The Flairs Flair 10191953
Mamma Talk To Your Daughter J. B. Lenore Parrot 8091954
Riot In Cell Block #9 The Robins Spark 1031954
(Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle The Tibbs Brothers Atco 20041955
Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild The Penguins Dootone 353 1954
Neki-Hokey The Cleftones Gee 10161956
The Train Kept A-Rollin' Tiny Bradshaw King 44971952
Oh, That'll Be Joyful Jack McVea Combo 551955
Drive It Home Hal Paige and his band Atlantic 996 1952
Talk That Talk The Du Droppers Groove 1041955
Lying Woman Little Caesar and Rusty Rec'd In Hollywood 236 1953
Rocket 69 Todd Rhodes Orchestra King 45281952
Rocket To The Moon Moon Mullican King 11981952
Cheatin' and Lying Brownie McGhee and his Jook Busters Dot 1184 1953
That's My Pa Jack Dupree King 48271954
The Girl In My Dreams The Cliques Modern 9871956
I'll Be True Faye Adams / Joe Morris Orch. Herald 419 1953
Drunk Jimmy Liggins and his 3-D Men Specialty 470 1953

26 Full-length songs (+ 1 secret bonus track)!!!
Over 70 minutes of history!!

These are original recordings and as such, are genuine monaural. Some have the slight surface noises you might expect from such old and rare and valuable pieces of Americana! All the disks were cleaned before the CD was created, but we have not "cleaned up" the quality of the sound, as to do so would degrade the overall "feel". If you like the classic  Rhythm & Blues sounds, you will enjoy this CD.

Included with the disk is a fully detailed discography of the songs and a bit about each artist and their unique contribution to American Music.

Ordering Information:
This is a "FREE" item...... but shipping and handling is $14.95 to anywhere - worldwide!
This allows recovery of our production costs, only.

This is a noncommercial CD, ONLY available from this web site and made for the sole enjoyment of lovers of the R&B music genre!

Order it NOW - only $14.95 - by using this secure link!!

NOTE: After purchasing, you will arrive at a "beautiful" picture of me, so that you know I exist! 

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