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I was selling some rare items on GEMM under the seller name of "memorylane"  Ha Ha - I have outlasted GEMM - they went  bankrupt in 2015.....

If you are a collector of records (Well, if you are NOT, so sorry!) you will love all the links about this wonderful hobby at Netscape's OPEN DIRECTORY.  There are 45 or so links to pages with all kinds of trivia, maintenance of your collection, values, Mercury classical vinyl, and on and on.


Record Research

If you want to know more about the hits of our lives, check out the real "chart man", Joel Whitburn. Just click on his icon above!


Click Below to Visit The Wanderers 50's-60's Real Audio Oldies Music Site! This is a site I recommend highly for education, reminiscing, and rockin'.  He's shut partly down, and retired to doo-wop heaven, but what's left is awesome!

I checked this out and it's pretty good if you know a title and need the artist, or vice versa. The search engine has over 5 million songs, and most have a 30-second sound byte! You must register, but it's all free - ( now,

When you're cruising, don't forget to visit the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame up there in good old Cleveland!

A special link goes here to anyone from Europe and especially Sweden! My partner in crime at is worth a hit! Ronny Forslund is at Rock'n Records a Swedish record collecting site, the home of good ol' vinyl. Check it out!

Hang Your Loved Ones....Rock Art Picture Show
The Record Album Frame is the choice of Graceland, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Smithsonian. Turn your LP's into Art, simply and easily!


Columbus Music History is a site I found in November 2005 - everything you could want to know about the 4 Pharoahs, the Capsoul and Hillside labels and lots more.  Look at WCOL's hits of the week - wild!!


Lastly, but by no means least, do not forget to pray a bit. Music is heavenly, and when we sing a hymn, some say we pray twice. I'd love it if you would come visit my place of worship.

Visit where there are over 1.000,000 rare and not-so-rare records all on line. It's a searchable inventory, constantly updated. I recommend him highly for quality vinyl, and quality dealing.


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